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Spell Check


I would love to see a spell check function. It would significantly cut down on issues relating to typos and other erroneous information.

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Thanks for the suggestion and we'll take this into consideration. As others noted, you can leverage your browser's built-in spell check or third party browser plug-ins.


  • Kim P

    I see Smartsheet Spellcheck has been requested by many users over the years. We just caught an embarrassing error in time and this exact form even has spell check! Please add

  • LyndaVance

    We use Grammarly to help with spelling and grammar errors outside of SmartSheet. It is useable in the Community Comments field but not in our sheets! Let's get this updated : )

  • Arundhati
    Arundhati ✭✭✭

    Hi, has this issue been resolved? I tried typing some gibberish into one of my sheets and Smartsheet marked it with a red underline. However, this red underline is seen only when you are actively typing in that cell. It does not show up when you single-click on the cell or scroll away from it.

  • Julie Becker
    Julie Becker ✭✭✭✭✭

    I have our company using LanguageTool (browser add-ons) and has been a huge improvement after i started to enforce it. I spent many nights and weekends cleaning up past entries (thousands of rows) and in order to maintain that, all our licensed users who can edit sheets are required to have it active. 😀 Check it out for yourself

    Julie Becker ☠️

    Construction Project Engineer / Coordinator & Software Program Oversight Mgr. 😉

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  • NLaist_INSC

    I am using the downloadable Desktop App for Smartsheet. This version does not currently allow for right-click spell check /correction. Though a red line displays, showing that there is a spelling error, however there is no discernable way to use spell check to auto-correct. One needs to manually go in and click on cell to correct. Is there a setting to enable this, or can you add to request list for future releases to just right click on spelling error and select from dictionary to correct (or add to dictionary)? (I am aware browser version relies on browser enabled spellcheck). Thank you.

  • Emily Fuller

    Bringing this back up!

    As a new user for work, and a HORRIBLE speller... it would be great to have this feature added, or at least a timeline of when to expect it.

    Having to type in front of the client is hard enough, and not having spell check to help with typos and miss spelled words it makes it 100x worse. If there is no end is sight, I see myself switching back to Excel.

    (also, i understand that chrome and grammerly can help, but i am not able to install grammerly on my work computer for security purposes and not an admin)

  • gsimone_401
    gsimone_401 ✭✭
    edited 07/06/23

    Agree with other users- this is critically needed

  • Brenda Lutz
    Brenda Lutz ✭✭
    edited 08/08/23

    It would be helpful to add spell check to the application. Its a little bewildering that it hasn't been inserted yet, but exporting to check spelling & importing back always causes issues. Please add to the platform. Thanks.

  • JDenker
    JDenker ✭✭

    The official response on 10/26/22 was "As others noted, you can leverage your browser's built-in spell check or third party browser plug-ins." While that is true if you are working in a single cell, it isn't possible for Chrome to check the entire sheet, which is the critical functionality most are hoping for.

    For others finding this community page and hoping for the same feature, please comment and upvote for the request to take priority!

  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi all,

    Jumping in here to let you know that a new integration with Grammarly has been released:



  • Lou Sandor

    Thanks for this the chrome spell checker extension is good to show the spelling errors ctrl / shift /k. There is no right click on this to display suggestions, so I added for this part. The two work well together in smartsheets