Can I take cells from a horizontal row and add them to a new sheet as independent rows?

Here is the situation:

I am tasked with helping a shared resource team better understand value stream and efficiency metrics. All of their project data comes in to a master sheet where each row contains various resource assignments (by role) and start/due dates in separate columns horizontally. Their master sheet process works very well and I do not want to disrupt it by making any significant changes.

So the problem:

Essentially I need to be able to capture each 3 column stage and have it populate a new sheet. So every time a new row is added to the master sheet, the cells in columns ABC would be added to Sheet 1, the columns DEF would be added to sheet 2, GHI would be added to sheet 3, and so on. This would leave me with role/date based sheets appropriately formatted for gantt views and capacity management.


I can do all of this outside or Smartsheet through various automations but would prefer to keep it within the native Smartsheet. I have a full license with access to Shuttle, Mesh, and Calendar tools.