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Automation Notifications Using Groups



  • cqh1105

    Would be useful to have the ability to send notifications to groups rather than individuals as it would mean reduction in admin for updating automated notifications. Automations also fail when employees leave the company. It is overwhelming trying to make sure you capture every node in every automation when needing to maintain your system, and it is impossible to make short term changes in a situation where an employee is going on leave for a couple weeks and a fill-in user needs to be added. This would allow far more robust automations to be created and could possibly be scaled to assigning tasks to user groups in the future.

  • ariestauro

    I agree with the comments above. Adding the option of workflow notifications by groups in addition to individuals would streamline processes.

  • matt.macfarland

    Adding a comment to say this is badly needed. We send Smartsheet alerts to a large list of people and this function would be vastly improved if we could send to a group like it's a contact.

  • AndyJW
    AndyJW ✭✭

    It should be possible to select resource group names for Alert Someone in the automation workflows.