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I'm creating seperate reports for each of my users which pulls in all of their tasks. I'd like to remove or hide the tasks that have a '100%' listed in the '% Completed' column. I've added the '% Completed' column to my report and set up the 'What?' to exclude anything in which the '% Completed' cells contain '100%'. Even after running the report, they still appear. Could this have something to do with the formatting of the cell in the sheets having a color and strike-through applied?


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Mathematically speaking, 100%=1.00, therefore, you'll want to exclude tasks where % Completed = 1. If you wanted to show tasks which were 50% complete, you would filter for % Completed = 0.5. Mathematical operators work here too, of course, such as % Completed < 1.0, which returns all tasks which have % Complete populated (meaning % Complete = (blank) are not returned) at less than 100%. Tasks which have nothing populated in 


It's not exactly intuitive, as you have found out, because when you type 50 into the % Completed column from within a sheet, it doesn't resolve to 5000%, as the formula above would indicate, it is saved as 50%, which is what users expect when entering data into a %-type column.



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Yeah, I had already tried that and attempted it again after your post. For some reason, this does not seem to work.

This works for sure. We use it all over the place in reports. When working with numerals, try and avoid "contains" and work only with mathematical operators like equal, less than, greater than, blank, is a number, etc.


Does your report look like the screen capture below? Note that our % Complete columns may be different names. Please share a screen capture to help illuminate the problem.

Thanks for your help, John. When I set it up to mimic your configuration, my report is empty. Could this have something to do witht he way my '% Completed' column is formatted in my sheet?