Hello again. 

I need some help please with automation/formula on a project management sheet we use. 

(Action 1) I have a checkbox column called "SNAGS"

When this is checked, I need a date column called "SNAG ADDED" to auto populate the date in which the checkbox was ticked by the project manager. 

(Action 2) Like wise, I have another checkbox column called "SNAG COMPLETE", I want another date column called "SNAG CLOSED" to auto populate with the day the checkbox was ticked

(Action 3) Next to the date columns "SNAG ADDED" and "SNAG COMPLETE.

I have a column "SNAG DAYS TAKEN". I need this to auto populate the number of days difference between the two columns, so we can see the number of days taken to close a snag our from it being raised to being closed. 

Appreciate explanations/ formulas in layman terms if possible. I'm based within the UK if this helps. 

Thanks in advance. 


****On a side note, Is it possible for text inputs from one sheet- to automatically replicate and copy onto another sheet without having to copy & paste or even enter the other sheet you'd like to mirror information onto? 


Smartsheet does not currently provide timestamp capabilities for specific actions outside of the Created and Modified type of columns.


The best way to do this would be to do away with the checkboxes, manually add the dates and then use a basic =[Finish Date]@row - [Start Date]@row type of formula to calculate the days it took.