I have a collaborator who can only view sheets: in Smartsheets, he's listed as an editor, but when he goes in, he can't do anything. I've tried removing him and re-adding him, and it's the same issue. Even the invite email he received says "edit".





Your Editor may be trying to make edits that require Admin permissions and/or a license. I'd recommend asking your Editor what specific changes they're trying to make: Are they trying to add columns? (Only licensed Admins can do this.) Are they trying to unhide columns? (Licensed Admins only.)

To get a complete list of what people are allowed to do by license and sharing permission level, see the Sharing Permission Levels help article: https://help.smartsheet.com/articles/1155182-sharing-permission-levels

After reviewing the above article and figuring out what the Editor is specifically trying to do, if you've determined that they are making a change to the sheet that Editors should be allowed to do, please try the following:

  • Open your sheet and click the Share button in the upper-right, make sure it says Editor next to their email address in the Smartsheet application itself.
  • Ensure that your Editor and you are looking at the same sheet at the same time. (Meet with them and ask them to open the sheet they're trying to Edit, then check for the active profile icon to the left of the share button.) It's possible that your Editor is looking at a different sheet with a similar or the same exact name, but on that sheet they're only a Viewer.
  • Make sure that your Editor is signed in to the same account that you've given them permissions on. Have them confirm (maybe even spell out or give you a screenshot) the email address they're signed in to. They can click on their Profile Icon in the upper-right and see their email address in the dropdown menu there. Double-check that against the Editor email.
  • Have your Editor completely sign out of Smartsheet and sign back in to make sure the permissions change has made its way to their browser.

If the above doesn't fix the problem, please reach out to our Support team to troubleshoot further.