I am testing a WF and I am not receiving the notifications via email like I thought I should be.  I have attached screen shots of what I have set up.  While I am testing the update request action, I am the specified recipient for each of the actions.  Here is the process breakdown:

  • End Users fill out form and checks multiple boxes requesting access to different software applications.
  • Once submitted, Client services receives the Update request notification (1st screen shot, yes this one is working fine).
  • Client services updates the request by changing the status to: Client Services complete as well as some other items they check as complete.
  • Screen shot #2 shows that once the status is changed, and the condition that specific application check boxes are checked. I wanted an update request to go out to specific analysts to complete their setup of the new or existing employee.
  • As I am testing I am only receiving one notification of the first check box and no notification for the applications that were checked as well.

I wonder if this is not working because I am the specific analyst for all of the applications.  But again I am just testing.  

Any helpful advice is appreciated:)

Jaquisha Redd


You need to log into your person settings and make sure you allow notifications to changes you make yourself. 

Account Menu > Personal Settings > Notifications. 

See screenshot for more information! 

Yes, Actually. The trigger for the notification is set to "When rows are added" Change that to when rows are added or updated. Then when you update a row, and save the sheet. It should fire that notification. 

Thank you!!  So I made the updates, ran it again and I still only received 1 notification for 1 of the applications.  I should have received 4 for each application about the same time.  Hmmmm...I hope you not out of ideas...LOL


Jaquisha Redd


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Hi Jaquisha,

The way conditions work in a workflow is that it will trigger on the first one that is true and then stop.

So you would only receive one notification.

Hope that helps!

Have a fantastic week!


Andrée Starå

Workflow Consultant @ Get Done Consulting

hmmm. Can you send new screenshots showing the adjustments you made? Are you sure all of the checkboxes were checked? Did you save it after you checked them?

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Good morning!!  So I have good news!!!  I made each update request(4) with their own WF .  The trigger for each of them was the same, but different than the Submitted WF.  I successfully received all 4 emails and was able to enter the updated data for the corresponding check box.  I am still testing a couple of things with the columns that I need to display, but I am very happy with the outcome.  

I appreciate your help:)



Jaquisha Redd