I use Web Forms to add new rows to a Service and Repair Register. Easy!

I also wish to upload a default Job Card (Word file) with each new record, efficiently and with little chance of error. Not so easy!


Is it possible to add a default file to a Web Form?

My users could then select the correct Web Form, and the required Job Card would already be attached. Ideally they could edit the file before upload, but after upload is OK. Such a system saves the user even thinking about finding and retrieving the correct file, and creates a document control system of sorts... Only the correct file is offered, it is correctly "filed" with no user decisions required, and editing access can be controlled.


Notes: The Job Card contains much more information than is practical to keep in SS. There is a different Job Card for each product type, with customised information and structure. The card is printed and accompanies the job through the service journey.  At the end of the job, the Job Card File is updated and remains with the SS Row to be archived.





Web forms are only used to add new infornation into a sheet, it cannot take data already in the sheet (attachments) and let the user see it when filling out the form.


I have a suggestion


First, host the Word file with a cloud storage service (Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, etc). When building the web form, add a link to the file (which is hosted in the cloud) to the web form. Now, when users open the web form they can click the link to download the Word file, fill it out, then attach it to the web form and submit the form. You can have multiple web forms with multiple links based on which record they need to submit. 




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Alright, I figured it out. I just added the Heading/Description Field and pasted the document link. Just for extra information, the document can be stored in your Cms backend. I'm using Joomla and the documents are in Media Manager. 

Thanks for your assistance John. I have tried your Dropbox idea but it is not as neat as I had hoped for... but at least the file comes from a controlled location.


I was trying to attach a blank attachment to each new row created by Web Form. Ideally, I would be able to automatically attach a blank form to a new row, open it in MSWord direct from Smartsheet, then save it directly back to SS. No searching, no downloads, no copies, no decisions, fewer mistakes and theoretically, a reduction in time spent on task. Choose the correct Web Form and the dummy work is done for you.

I created a web form that I would like to use to also provide an attachment to responders.  It's a document that must be submitted and could be attached in a file upload, but I need the respondents to get the document first.  The attachment is uploaded to the sheet that the web form is based off of, but you can't access it via the form.  Ideally, we could incorporate the necessary information into the web form, but it's an agency form that is standardized and must be completed using the template provided.  Can you help?

Tabitha - I would use John's suggestion... upload the document to a cloud storage service, then include a link to the file at the top of the web form. Provide instructions, telling the user to click the link to download the document, fill it out, then attach it to the web form. 

I notice that in the web form there isn't an option to insert a URL - this would be of great benefit to us as we have one particular area in OneDrive that is used for our purposes. Being able to pre-populate that URL in the web form attachments area would be a major time saver as new rows are added via the web form.