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  • Limit View within a Sheet (using Web Forms)
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    Hello, New to Smartsheet. We would like to utilize a web form to allow customers to place orders/requests whereby the web form would populate the smartsheet for ONLY OUR INTERNAL visibilty/tracking of all requests combined.  Currently, w…
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  • Web Form Layout
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    In webforms I have to make each item a column that I want info to flow into. Can I make those column print inot a row later? A long row info from columns is too much.
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  • Authentication to Web Request Forms.
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    Hello All, Our IT Department does not like that any registered user of smartsheets can access the web request if the have the url. The solution would be a username and password authentication to allow access to the Web Request that allows…
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  • Copy web forms to another sheet
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    Hi,   I have searched for information on this but no luck.   Is it possible to copy a web form to another sheet? I have multiple sheets I would like to use the same web form for and I would rather not have to create it new for each she…
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  • Please advise on best way to set up a SS
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  • Display report data rolled Up?
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    Hi there   I’m currently running an exercise where we are asking a group of 30 users 10 sets of questions each. Each set of questions has its own web form so there should be 10 responses from each user (300 separate rows in total). I hav…
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  • Send Update Requests based on a Contact column
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    Is there a way to send an Update Request based on a Contact List column? I have a large group of people and I need them to update their personal contact information. Rather than filling it out new every year, I would like them to receive i…
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  • Is there a way to tie a web form to a specific record?
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    I have a SmartSheet where the user enters the preliminary information via a webform, which assignes an autonumber to that record. I would like them to be able to update that record via a webform without me having to send an update request.…
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  • Web Form Blocked by Receiving Company
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    I opened a support ticket, but didn't find anything on this forum addressing my issue. We planned to use Web Forms for our clients to request training. Unfortunately, the first one we sent out was reported as blocked by their network secur…
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  • "Processing" Today date in date range.
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    Good day all,   I am collecting information via a webform and need some assistance with the reporting side of things.   On the webform i am asking among other things to provide me with a startdate and a finishdate.   My aim is to hav…
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