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  • Auto-populating sub-tasks from Form.
    In Using Smartsheet
    Hello. I have a list of tasks, assigned to different people, that have to happen each time a new topic comes up. Ideally, when a user submits those topics via a Form, I would like that list of tasks/assignees to auto-populate as sub-tasks …
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  • can a person submitting a form save it if they need to come back to it later?
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    I have created a form that requires a lot of information before it can be submitted. The person completing the form may not have all the information at hand or may get interrupted while completing the form. Is there a way the person can s…
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  • Can I make a form demand EITHER field be required?
    In Formulas and Functions
    Hullo: I am using a form to track outside vendor shipments. Sometimes our shipping team gets stuff into the system in advance, sometimes after it's been picked up. I would like a form that requires either Estimated Ship or Actual Ship. …
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  • Request to Update: Is there a way to make some fields required
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    I have a form where the user is presented a form with some of the fields from the table. Once the approval routing is complete, the user is prompted to fill the remaining fields. Is there a way to make some of these fields mandatory? Curre…
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  • How can use a field several times within a form?
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    Hi. I need to collect feedback about several programs using a form. The form should include the same questions for each program. Any ideas about workarounds that allow me to use a field several times within a form? I want users to receive …
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  • Form / Calendar Integrati
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    Hi,  I'm working on developing an induction booking process that allows our team to book site induction through Smartsheets. Firstly, I intend to have a Smartsheet induction register that will include columns such as induction date, who t…
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  • Approval Chain
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    Hi, I am trying to set up a work flow with the approval chain below: Someone submits a form, it gets sent to a Manager for approval. If approved, the employee gets an email stating such. If it is denied, the manager can add notes on wha…
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  • Can i configure a workflow to alert someone when a specific entry is put in on a multi-select column
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    I have a form we are using to collect information on team activities. One of the form fields is a multi-select column where entrants can select all of the partner teams they will need to conduct the work outlined on the form. I'd like to s…
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  • Viewing Submitted Forms
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    Good morning, I'm creating a form that I'd like to be able to save the responses as a PDF document. As far as I can tell, the only way to see submitted forms is through the sheet itself - not in any "document" format that could b…
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  • Recent Submission Formula
    In Formulas and Functions
    Hello, My goal is to create a formula that will automatically update the current status of our utility systems based on the submission of the most recent inspection form. Basically, I'm looking to create a green dot on a separate sheet …
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