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    Hello there! I'm new to Smartsheet and I haven't found an answer to my question yet. I would like to make a symbol appear if a set of cells are not empty. In a few words, if cell A, B, C are not empty then I will have a green ball on cell …
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  • Checking checklists
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    Hi all,   I have a series of columns with checklists that I need to analyse and need some help, please.    The logic is this: if the report is "completed", but _any_ of the several asset check cells are still not checked, a c…
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  • Report on today and next workday
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    I'd like a Report that shows rows with the Date field from today or the next workday.   That is on   Monday - shows Monday/Tuesday Tuesday - shows Tuesday/Wednesday ... Friday - shows Friday/Monday Saturday - shows Saturday/Monday …
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  • Formula help - set values for current user and date when check box checked
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    I have a checklist I am building for a department where they will be primarily mobile users so I would like to reduce the thumb typing as much as possible.   I see where I can use test the value of a checkbox and make it do things.. but …
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    Since Smartsheets currently doesn't have timestamping system I am using manual dates to do so however I need a checkbox to be ticked to alert me when two conditions have been met. These conditions are dates and are blank before data goes i…
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  • If Statement & Dropdown List
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    I have a dropdown list with 5 values and inserted an IF statement into the cells for that column to auto-fill 1 of the 5 values. I noticed when doing this you can no longer access the drop down list. Is there a way to auto-fill so the cell…
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  • Date Formulas
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    I need to keep track of the day an item is approved. Is there a formula that I can use to generate a date that a check box is checked off??   Tiare
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  • Sending notifications to a specific user for any row changes
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    Hi,   I want to send email/mobile notifications to only the "Assigned To" person when anything (including attachments/discussions) changes for that particular row. Please think of this scenario where a particular task is assign…
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  • Stringing Logical Arguments
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    Hello,   I have been struggling with this formula for a few days now and can only get bits and pieces of it to work. So I am hoping I can get some help here. Essentially I am trying to create a formula that includes 5 fields and dependin…
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  • Create percentage complete based of boxes checked
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    Hello,   I am very new to smartsheet and still quite inept.   I have a smartsheet that I am using to track a student I am mentoring.   There is a coumn titled 'Completed'.  This allows the student to check when a specific task is com…
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