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    hi,   is there a way that i can see the planned versus actual progress of the project ? baseline versus actual?   thanks.
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  • Difference in Days between Projected & Actual Start Dates/ End Dates?
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    My managers want a column that calculates number of work days (Mon. - Fri) between Projected Start Date and Actual Start Date. Example: Projected Start Date (in Column A): 09/01/16. Actual Start Date (in Column C): 09/09/16. Difference in …
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  • Using a formula =CONTACT wont populate actual contact info subtasks
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    Help! At the top of my projects, I am including the resources involved.  I'd like for subtasks to be auto-populated when I fill in a resource.  Example: in my resources section, I set the HL7 Engineer to Joe Downing.  I have it set so all …
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  • Web forms and formulas
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    Good afternoon, I have a simple sheet for a balance sheet, and I'm needing to know if there's a way for the web form submission to be included in the formula in my sheet. The last row & column of the sheet houses the formula from p…
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  • Timestamping comments
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    Hi   Does anyone know if there is a way to time stamp any comments placed into a sheet?  I know you can always look at the history of the cell but I was wondering if there was any way that the date would automatically be placed in the ce…
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  • Need help making a COUNTIFS NOT formula
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    Hi there - I want to count how many times column A shows Katie and Column B does NOT show "Completed" looking at a range of rows - I have no idea how to make that happen :(   I can do the COUNTIFS over and over again for all th…
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  • Result look up
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    Hi,   I am a beginer at using Smartsheet however have been successful to date in creating a workable module for my sales team, however, within one of my module sheets I have a list sales attributed to sales staff which uses a Decision dr…
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  • Count children rows only if items are not marked complete
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    I have a parent with 22 children. I can use a simple formula to calculate the total number of children ="Site-Wide" + " (" + COUNT(CHILDREN()) + ")"   What if I only want to count the children that haven't b…
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  • sorting by row ID
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    Dear Smartsheet users Community members,    can someone answer to my pretty basic question. i have a challenge to sort the table back to initial order per Row ID (1,2,3,4,5,6,7....) after sorting based on some other column info (e.g. dat…
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  • Time Function
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    Imported an Excel sheet that calculates end times for tasks as a start for a Smartsheet.  The intent is that we give a start time for the day, number of appointments needed and it builds a schedule, which I can then link with other Smartsh…
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