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  • Merging the text of 2 cells into 1.
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    Hello, is there a way to merge the text of 2 different cells into 1 please? I have tried several versions of this but I get different error messages.    =(([cell]1) &” “&([cell]2)     Thankyou.
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  • Send emails with live links other than web links
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    It would be great to have the hyperlink feature not just be limited to web sites.   If I could put a link to a file located on my network, I could then send a notification or send a row and the email that would be delivered would allow m…
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  • Sheet Size
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    I have sheets that vary in size but most lean to the larger size due to the amount of formulas in the sheet. I am looking to see if on average people are choosing to have more sheets and less size or less sheets and fill the sheets to the …
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  • Fetching Parent Cell value for Children Cells
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    Hello, I would like my Children Cells to fetch their value from the Parent cell. Is it possible? Will it be possible soon? NB - I do not want to fetch the value from the "cell reference" of the parent ("=[Related Invoice]1 …
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  • Formula to include new data added to my sheet
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    I have set up a formula that works very well however it isn't taking into account new entries added to my sheet. For example my formula is on Row 1 under the column 'total' I then have other information in rows 2-15 so therefore my formula…
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  • Combining Formulas
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    I am currently using 2 columns to identify tasks "Due in Next 2 Days" and "Past Due/No Schedule". I have been trying to nest the two formulas together to get the status in the same column. How can the following formulas…
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  • Combining formulas for child rows
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    I have an easy formula to work out the average data entered into my child rows, the formula is as follows: =AVG(CHILDREN()), this gives me the average of all data put into the child rows perfectly. However, if nothing is entered into these…
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  • Auto Checkbox Completion
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    Hi All,   I am trying to get a formula to work that checks a box based on a column with percentage. I.e when 100% is reached the box is checked.   I have tried the following to no avail   =IF([Compliance]5 = "100%", 1, 0) …
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  • Formula to show monthly count
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    Hi, I am trying to figure out a formula that tells me how many entries have been entered for a particular month. I have a date column and an tonnage column so if I have 10tonne of material made on 1st February i would enter in the date col…
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  • Formatting Date in Smartsheet with Month Name Displayed
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    When using the column type of "DATE" the only way dates are always displayed as numeric values. However, some of my colleagues are requesting that the dates be displayed as Feb 12, 2016 or 12 Feb 2016, etc.   Is this possible i…
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