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  • Sync problems with Smartsheet to Outlook
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    Hi,   I have been syncing my smartsheet to outlook very successfully.  Then recently there seems to have been a bug.    The calendar in outlook no longer has a title and does not appear on the list of calendars. (so i cant delete it a…
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  • Report publishing - Required Field
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    I've created a report and I'm trying to share the published link.  When the receipient clicks on the link the display shows "required field".  I am publishing to a non-collaborator if that makes a difference.   thanks,   Eric
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  • Auto Date updating a published report of Events List
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    We have an a Smartsheet of Events - tradeshows etc that we will be participating in.  While initially developed for internal sharing, I have added a "publish" checkmark column, with those items checked being part of a Report, whi…
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  • Individual Sheet Sharing has turned into Entire Workspace Sharing???
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    We use link sharing to share individual sheets with customers and employees. Now the link provides a link to the entire workspace. Is there a reason for this change? Is there a way to still link to an individual sheet?
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  • Weird pop up
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    Has anyone else seen this pop up box continuously throughout the day? I am not entirely sure what it is for and regardless of whether I enter login details or ignore it, it pops up all the time. Starting to drive me a little batty!  
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  • New Published Reports
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    Hi,   I would be interested in what people think of the new way of publishing reports.   I have had a customer come back to me with negative feedback.  It looks and feels like a smartsheet not an output to place in a Webpage as part of…
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  • Key Milestones / Deliverables - Output
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    I am using smart sheets for project planning purposes.   Each plan will have hundreds of tasks. About ten of these tasks will be what I class as a 'key milestone / deliverable'.   I use another system (Salesforce) to show a graphical r…
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  • Printing of Web Forms
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    Hello,   The Maryland State Department of Education would like to transition the Notice of Grant Award process from manual entry to collecting requests via a Smartsheets web form.  A requirement of this process would be to recieve sign…
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  • Love the "Publish" tab on Reports!
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    One question - I don't see a way to keep the attachments/discussions private when sending via this new method, or am I missing it? I really like this new option that eliminates the need to share the page. Thanks, Smartsheet!
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