I am trying to automate my schedule for a project as much as possible. I have a line for production start that is based on my current ship date but I have 9 shipments after that and would like to have the actual production line have a start day based on the production start line and the finish date be the last ship date. Attached is my basic example. 


Is there someway to have the duration be a formula or to use different predecessors? 

I know it can be done using parent/child but then when I view multiple projects in a calendar it doesn't allow me to use different colors to differentiate. 



This is what I would like the dates to be, done automatically for me.


Yeah, that would be extremely helpful, but alas there is no way to make a start dependent on one date and the finish dependent on another. We opted to color those rows in our template to make sure they all aligned and adjusted when necessary. Not sure if there is another solution.