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Export Group User List

It would be great to be able to export a Group User List in the admin portal to a .csv

This would be to share with others without giving them access and also easier review a large list using filters or other excel tools

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  • ker9
    ker9 ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 01/10/24

    Please fix this, it's basic system management to at least have it alphabetically and to be able to export the list to verify against a personnel list. I have a group with over 2000 names and another with over 500. I need better management tools.

  • This is would amazing. The ability to allow others to provide input, without access by exporting groups would be so helpful for administration!!

    Koleen Steiner

    IT PM & Smartsheet Guru, BeiGene, Inc.

  • DdLund
    DdLund ✭✭
    edited 02/26/24

    I'm a somewhat new Smartsheet Admin, I agree export to csv or other would be a great feature for Group Management. Do we know where this sits in the list of requested features?

    Also, we use 100+ different Group Names (way too many...), so how do I know if a requesting individual is already added to any groups? If it hasn't been requested already, I'd like to search a First/Last name or by email to see all the different groups an individual is added to.