How to Design My Smartsheet App

I work for a Hospital and I am creating an application to track employee health details such as vaccinations, annual health reviews, health exams, etc. For example, employees are required to get a flu shot each year or a waiver. Employees also have to take certain tests when hired such as a chicken pox test and a color blindness test. The list goes on an on with various items we track. I first thought I would have on grid and put all the vaccines & test in one grid, but the problem with that is the responses for a flu vaccine (Yes, No, Waiver) are different from the responses for things like the color blindness test (Pass, Fail). So I thought I would create several grids and group the items on the grids based on like responses. This however requires the employee health nurse to manage several forms or grids when updating one employee. Is there a way to have a central location where the nurse can pull up the employee name and have access to all the grids in one location. I know this sounds confusing, but I have done this in MS Access in the past, just can't figure out how to do arrange things in SmartSheet. Any help is much appreciated. P.S. cascading combo boxes would fix my problem, but I see from other posts that is not a current feature of SS.