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Workspace Hiding


As the number of workspaces grows, there is a need to hide the ones that are not frequently accessed so that the list remains manageable. These workspaces are active so archiving is not relevant. As per MS Teams, you can choose to hide Teams that you are a member of which collapses them into a Hidden Teams section at the end of the Teams list. With one click they can be unhidden. The same functionality for workspaces within Smartsheet would be very helpful, especially so for owners of SCC blueprints.

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  • anirudhs17

    I agree, Nicole. Currently, I use the favorites bar to organize the workspaces that I most frequently use, but that defeats the purpose of separating individual sheets from the workspaces to access in favorites. I would prefer the view in the browse tab to be more easily sortable so I can access active projects without having to scroll so much.

  • Joe Goetschel
    Joe Goetschel ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Yep this is needed, with about 500 clients, with our SSC solution. Each client gets a new workspace. It is getting harder to get to my information faster. I’m the owner of the solution so I get everything. Need help hiding!! Thanks!

    Joe Goetschel | Smartsheet Director | SCS CLOUD - Smartsheet Partner

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