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form list starting position


HI all i believe the below will explain it, but simply if i set default to 0 i would like the list to focus the default value i.e 0. i have a range of 1000 to 0 then it goes to -1000 in one number increments. when user clicks on drop down box list should jump to the default 0 so then only a small scroll up or down

Thanks for contacting Smartsheet Support. I understand that you are reporting that you have a drop down column on your sheet that has a large range of number selections and you would like more information regarding how selecting options might be made easier when the user fills out a Smartsheet Form.  I would be happy to assist you with this issue.

In general, the Smartsheet Form uses the column properties from the sheet.  When the column is set to a drop down list then any value that you enter into the Input Value's of the Drop Down List will be made available for the Form selection.

You can restrict the entries to only these valid list options but there is not a direct way to 'sort' the values from within the form.

You can use the form to change the configuration to horizontal radio buttons but this will list every number in the range as a valid selection but the user may be able to more easily choose the correct option.

You could also presort the list of numbers in the column properties to include the most commonly used options at the top of the list.  The form will present the order of available options per the input list so if you move 0 from the middle to the top of the list then 0 will show at the top of the dropdown when the user goes to make a selection in the form.

It may also be possible for the user to manually type in the entry that they would like to use rather than searching through the list for a valid entry.

In this instance, it may also be recommended to submit an enhancement request to our Smartsheet Product team on the Smartsheet Community Forums to suggest any improvements you may have to the Form/Drop down selection process.

When you have a moment, please submit your feature request to the Product team by signing in to the online Community (the Community uses your Smartsheet account to sign in) and create an Idea post in the Smartsheet Product Feedback and Ideas topic

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