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Disable License Trial



  • Rhonda H.
  • Snaillybob

    This is absolutely a basic requirement for Enterprise licence tenants. We dish out licences based on a business process and we are not interested in users 'helping users start to solve their urgent business processes right away' - not that we don't want those processes solved, we just can't have it done in an uncontrolled and unaudited way.

  • Sarah Franklin

    or at least notify the system administrators so they can do proper intake of those users and make sure they get the correct licensing and feature enablement. By not allowing control of this is a significant burden to large businesses using Smartsheet. Circumventing account management is something everyone frowns upon.

  • RolandoN
    RolandoN ✭✭✭✭

    I agree with what everyone has said above. I was just contacted by a user who is an admin for a particular sheet. They are presented with two options in the pop up message. One is 'Upgrade Options' and the other 'Switch to Free'.

    Smartsheet admin by day, home chef by night

  • Ian W Swanwick

    100% agree with the above comments. Smartsheet may feel that encouraging users to request a license is in their best interest, but this method is very inappropriate for an application that considers itself 'enterprise-ready'. It's messy and creates additional work for the customer.

  • Neil PGR

    This is also causing mayhem in our company. Free trials are fine for consumers. This only causes shadow IT in SMB and enterprise. Please please please disable.

  • Daniel Holper

    Seems as though this idea has already been requested. Why can't users and/or organization admins disable the license request message??? Beyond wasting screen space, this message is unnecessary since users continue to receive the message but cannot acknowledge/hide it. A user might operate SmartSheets, unlicensed, for an indefinite period of time and does NOT need to keep seeing this.

  • Cory_OWA
    Cory_OWA ✭✭✭

    Here is my summary of this post / product feedback request. I have put this language in my onboarding material for my organization as it is a DAILY issue that undermines our entire adoption of Smartsheet. I hear about the confusion and distress regarding the free trial not only on a daily basis but from LEADERSHIP and PROGRAM SPONSORS who are beyond concerned (taking action) as this tool is creating anxiety throughout the program. They hear that Smartsheet is great, but they also hear that "it's only great if you're licensed" and "since we can't license every single employee, we can't gain efficiency from it and should probably use something else instead, like SHAREPOINT."

    This "feature" is driving enterprises BACK to SHAREPOINT. Do you hear me now?

    The Smartsheet "free trial" feature allows new, unlicensed users to access full Smartsheet capabilities for a 30-day trial period. This feature is intended to help users quickly learn and understand the full capabilities of Smartsheet. However, it operates automatically and bypasses your org's controls on license distribution, leading to ...

    • confusion due to sales rep contacts and trial ending emails
    • undermining existing governance models 
    • adds administrative burden and disrupts established workflows
    • users may lose information (note, ONLY within documents they create using the trial)

    If possible, please avoid accepting the free trial during onboarding to Smartsheet. If not possible to avoid or you have already accepted the free trial, don't worry! Simply notify the Smartsheet System Administrators (PMO). Smartsheet admins will advise you on how to proceed, ensuring compliance with current internal processes. Use the "Enhancements Request" form to notify the PMO: [a link to a form they can use to request all manner of Smartsheet related support from Smartsheet System Administrators. You know, the power users this feature burdens?]


  • Deb Berns

    I strongly support the other recommendations for System Administrators to control free trial requests. The organization pays for the licenses and has a process for deciding who will receive a paid license vs. a free one. Encouraging people to explore Smartsheet outside of our approval process creates confusion and burden for the administrators.

    I encountered a new issue yesterday where I couldn't add someone to our account who had a free trial. I either had to add them as a paid user (and their usage does not warrant that) or they had to go into settings and cancel their trial. I have found that most individuals who sign up for the free trial did it by mistake and it causes extra work and leaves a sour taste in the mouth regarding Smartsheet's ease of use/access.

    Please reconsider allowing the System Administrators to grant Free Trial requests instead of allowing users to make this decision. As Administrator I'm already spending a good chunk of time managing my users. I'm looking for Smartsheet to make this process easier, not more burdensome. Perhaps you could create functionality where a form is linked to the Free Trial Request button, sending the request to the Admin?

    Thank you for your consideration.