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Hi all,

I have a Smartsheet which looks up values from another sheet using Index Collect, which is working well.

However other users with Smartsheet license and with a free license will be loading the sheet who don't have access to the source data sheet. I don't plan in opening the this (the destination sheet) hoping that smartsheet will do its magic in the background.

Does anyone know if this will still update giving that the user loading the sheet will likely have a free license and won't have access to the source sheet?

I'm hoping it will still work as I already setup the link in advance, if not I will have to copy/paste the values as I don't want to give the users access to the full data set and my company doesn't have a license for Dynamic view, unless someone has a better solution if it's needed.

I am admin of the source sheet and only editor of certain columns in the destination sheet.

Thanks in advance.

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