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Smartsheet Gantt View & Dynamic View


Setup the sheet in Gantt View (w/ Baseline, predecessors,duration, Start Date, Finish Date, etc)

Using DV to update the activities finish date and actual % complete per assigned person.

But in DV you can't edit the finish date. Hope they can improve or add more features in DV that sheet setup in gantt can also be edited



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  • Tim Starkey
    Tim Starkey ✭✭✭✭✭

    In general, it is a roadblock to not be able to edit the end date (when it is set up as a project with durations) in anything else other than the actual sheet. It cannot be edited in reports or DV because its considered a formula. To edit the end date, we need to show the duration as a field and then edit that to change the end date... which is a bit of a game... I want to change the end date to 8/25, and my current duration is 20 days, so how many days do I need to add, accounting for weekends and holidays, to get the right end date.

    I am aware that being able to edit an end date without seeing the consequences to the rest of the project schedule (predecessors/ancestors) is problematic. Just thinking out loud here about a safe way to implement it... I don't know if there is a system field for 'float days', but if there were, that field could be displayed so that in a report I know I have 10 float days I can use before impacting the rest of the schedule. Beyond that a field that shows me total slippage to schedule as a field. So if I had 10 float days, and maybe there was another 5 float days on an ancestor task, and I moved the end date out 20 days, total impact to schedule is 5 days. Anyways... Yes, not being able to edit the end date outside the sheet is problematic.