Welcome to the first edition of the Smartsheet Community Corner! [March 2023]

Alison Clancy
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Hello Smartsheet Community! Please meet the Smartsheet Community Corner 📧, a quarterly newsletter focused on all the latest and greatest from Community that YOU need to know about. This newsletter is for you, by you, and all about you! All Members automatically get an email notification when it's published in this Topic.


Community highlights

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Say hello to these Community Members 👋🏻

  1. @Nicole Manning here
  2. @jasonp here
  3. @TrippK here

Popular ideas & feature requests (reviewed by the Product Team)!

  1. Auto-update column names in reports by @DW1
  2. Select Different Colors for Select and Multi-Select dropdown results by @Seth Morth
  3. Custom Colors for Sheets by @Deanna Vandermeer

Community platform updates

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Pass the mic 🎤 Community Champions

Community Champions are members who demonstrate product expertise and generosity in sharing best practices and support with others on the platform.

“Seize the opportunity in the diversity of industries and use cases discussed in the Community. It’s a great place to get your questions answered, but my best solutions are made up of bits and pieces from multiple posts made by others. [Members] can find answers to questions they wouldn’t have otherwise thought to ask.” - @Julie Fortney


Member appreciation

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This month's leaderboard

  1. @Lucas Rayala
  2. @Betty Eidson
  3. @Amber Eakin

Member spotlights

  1. @Aaron Manley here
  2. @Julie Fortney here
  3. @Andrée Starå here


Overachiever's Motivation Mix

The Smartsheet Overachievers are here to give you the songs that will keep you going and keep you achieving! Here’s what’s on the playlist this quarter.

“When I hear those first piano chords, it ignites this undeniable sense that everything will be okay, no matter what you are going through, all you need to do is 'don’t stop believin'! This song is the ultimate anthem for trusting in the positive vibes around us, that we often overlook due to our busy lives.”

- @Michelle Basson, Head of Digital Innovation at Herotel, South Africa


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