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Salesforce and Jira Connectors: Administrator Collaboration on Workflows

jessica.smith ✭✭✭✭✭

At present administrators can see a workflow created by another administrator, but they cannot view or edit details. Oddly, they are able to disable or delete it.

Administrators need to be able to share their Salesforce Connector workflows with other administrators with edit and view permissions.

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  • Jamie Kubik
    Jamie Kubik ✭✭
    edited 06/28/22

    The Smartsheet for Jira Connector should allow users to be viewers or editors of workflows created by other users. Today only the workflow creator can see the contents of the workflow which creates risks by relying on a single person.

  • jlau
    jlau ✭✭✭

    Enhance Connector so that the Workflow can be edited not only by owner; need for ease of workflow management and better business continuity

  • cwcage
    cwcage ✭✭

    I would also like to see a feature for at least system admins to be able to edit Salesforce Workflows or at least transfer ownership. We have had multiple instances where the workflow owner has left the company, and we have to recreate because there is no way to edit.

  • Alex Brown

    There needs to be a way to transfer ownership of existing JIRA connectors especially in a world where layoffs are more and more frequent. The amount of pain and agony on trying to recreate these without breaking hundreds of projects is really making me hate on Smartsheet where I otherwise have found it to be a useful tool.