Need a solution to move some unique IDs from one sheet to another

Meredith Rhodes
Meredith Rhodes ✭✭✭
edited 03/09/23 in Smartsheet Basics


I have a main intake sheet for my team to manage studies. Every time a new row is added, a unique identifier (for each unique study on this main intake sheet) is created.

We have at least 3 different services that are listed on the main intake sheet. Each service a study team is requesting is marked with a checkmark on the corresponding study / row.

If a new row is added to the main intake sheet marking ‘budget’ as a service, I would like the corresponding unique identifier to be sent to the budget sheet as a new row. It only needs to be the study identifier so my cross sheet formulas populate the remaining relevant information.

Because there may be more than one budget action for a project on the budget sheet, this identifier may be duplicated on this sheet, but it will never be sent from the main intake sheet twice (where it is truly a unique identifier).

I have tried to create an Automation - but I can't simply copy one cell - it has to be the whole row - and the columns are very different between sheets due to differing process.

I have attempted data shuttle as a solution - but have been getting errors that there are duplicate values in the identifier column. Ironically - this number was created to facilitate cross sheet references, so I'm hopeful I can make this work.

Can you think of another solution?

Thank you! Meredith