Functions for synchronizing Predecessors and Jira Issue Links

Hi everybody,

I am currently trying to set up the smartsheet-Jira-integration. A lot of things really work great but there is one thing.. I want to have Smartsheet as the "leading tool" for handling of predecessors and therefore sync this information to Jira through the issue links field.

To give a simple example, I used

="is blocked by " + INDEX([Issue Key]:[Issue Key], VALUE(Pre@row))

for the filed "Issue Links".

But what I would like to achieve is that I do not overwrite exisiting issue links of the corresponding issue. I was hoping I can achieve this through automation but without being able to use formulas in "change cell value" I cannot append information.

Any ideas how I can achieve what I want?

Thanks in advance!


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @theilm

    Would you be able to post a screen capture of your sheet and perhaps explain what you're looking to do with an example?

    I would potentially have this formula in a second, helper column - set as a column formula. You could add an IF statement at the front if you only want the formula to populate based on a specific status or date, etc.

    This helper column won't be synced with your Issue Links field in Jira, but you could set up a new, custom field in Jira to receive it.

    If you have access to Pro Desk, you could book a 30-minute coaching session over screen share on "Connectors, Premium Apps, & Extended functionality" to walk through the best way to sync these fields.



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