Forms - Logic Question

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Hey all,

Hoping that someone could help me with a form that I am creating.

What I am stuck on is:

From a dropdown menu, I have several dates that can be selected. What I am looking to do, is when a date is selected, something will pop up with a due date for the form to be submitted by when that specific date is selected.



  • Genevieve P.

    Hi @randyta

    There currently isn't a way for a Form to perform calculations based on data that's being entered (for example, adding 5 days on to a date and surfacing a new date). Please add your vote and voice to this Product Idea thread: Totals and calculations in forms or this other one, here: Date Logic in Form

    As an alternative, you could use Conditional Logic to show a Header field in a form that explains due dates in general terms:

    • This type of request = 5 working days
    • This type of request = 10 working days

    And so on. I hope that helps!



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