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Bridge Child Workflow Error Handling

I commonly use a parent workflow to get a list of active projects then run a child workflow to perform an action for each project. At present, when an error causes a child-run to fail, the parent fails as well and all runs stop.

I'd like a mechanism that allows the next child flow to continue to run even if its predecessor fails.

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  • Hi Jessica,

    I haven't seen a real error handling solution built into Bridge. You might need to add steps into your workflow to first validate for the specific data in your project. If that data doesn't match your requirements you could use various conditional junctions to attempt to keep the workflow moving.

    Using a Conditional Junction: Junction Match with a New Junction to run logic for several different decisions might work well. With that you'll need to have include Fallback decision in the New Junction so that if nothing applies it has a way to exit and return to the parent workflow.