Resource Management by Smartsheet: Auto Sync on Sheet Save is now live!

Adam Lang
Adam Lang Employee
edited 09/14/23 in Product Announcements

Hi Community, 

Auto Sync on Sheet Save dramatically simplifies how customers use Resource Management and Smartsheet together! 

With this update, you no longer need to manually click the Add, Update or Update All buttons in the Resource Management panel when making resource changes in their Smartsheet project sheet. Instead, all you have to do is save the sheet and updates will sync automatically in the background to Resource Management. This ensures resource data is accurate for staffing decisions and it keeps project and resource managers aligned across projects and portfolios.

This feature is available on our Commercial US and Commercial EU environments, and for the following plans:

  • Resource Management by Smartsheet license
  • Resource Management by Smartsheet free trial (+ Smartsheet Business or Smartsheet Enterprise plan)

You can visit this help article to learn more.

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  • Eric Sandin


    This new Auto Sync feature is really causing major headaches. We now get inundated with multiple emails every time a change is made to a Smartsheet. It does not make any sense for the user to get notifications for changes they just made to their own sheet. I understand getting notifications from other users from making changes. I do not understand why the person making the changes needs to be notified of the changes they just made?

    Prior to Auto Sync, the notifications ONLY came from actual users in our system, not [API USER]. Can the [API USER] notification be muted? We have had to change the setting to Daily notifications and would eventually like to go back to using immediate notifications in the near future.

    Please consider an enhancement to mute [API USER] notifications.



  • Adam Lang
    Adam Lang Employee

    Hey Eric -

    Sorry for the delay, my apologies…

    We are sorry to hear about the confusion the API User notifications are causing right now. I can confirm that the product team is aware of this and are working to reflect the actual user name in the RM Activity log and in the email notifications instead of saying [API User].

    For now, we recommend keeping the setting to Daily notifications. We will send out an update when this has been changed.

    Thank you for reaching out and providing the feedback.