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Include dates on the predecessor details


When you click into the predecessor details to see what number is tied to what task, you should also include the start and finish dates so we can tell which one is the ultimate driver for the automated date.

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  • OlaS
    OlaS ✭✭
    edited 05/09/23

    Hi, When you click on the pen to edit predecessors in a schedule it would be very beneficial to have another column in the popup showing the finish date for each line to quickly be able to identify which predecessor is pushing the task you are looking at. As it is right now you have to search up every predecessor one at a time to see the FD and go back to the task to get the number of the next predecessor and search that up and so on until you find the critical one. What can take many minutes to do if you have many predecessors could literally be done in a second or two.

  • ldanzig
    ldanzig ✭✭

     I had a new Smartsheet feature request that I think would be really useful to project managers who utilize Smartsheet dependencies. A feature that I would love to see is a plus button somewhere on this screen that allows you to add additional columns to the view. I often find myself looking at this view to see all the my milestone's predecessors; however, it is challenging to figure out which one of the predecessors is on critical path and is therefore influencing the date of my milestone line especially when there are a lot of dependencies. If I were able to add my End Date column to this view, it becomes extremely easy to see all of the predecessors to the milestone line that I am working on paired with their end dates so that I know which dependencies I can focus on to bring in that milestone date.

  • mtp105
    mtp105 ✭✭
    edited 02/14/24

    Is there a request somewhere this has already been submitted in the Smartsheet website where we can vote on this? I would really like this too, along with all the info that MS Project has available when you use the Inspect tool for both predecessors and successors.

    FYI - I add this request to the ideas list. Please go there to vote this up to drive it's priority for implementation.