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Predecessor - Successor "Inspect" like in MS Project


A big miss in Smartsheet is the ability to evaluate predecessors and successors to understand easily what other activities are driving the schedule dates. The predecessor box is missing the date columns. And while we can now add a Successor column and see successor line numbers, there should also be a box we can open to see those success tasks like on the Predecessors cells. This functionality would/should be the same as the Inspect functionality in MS Project. 

The project manager or team member has to jump around the sheet looking for line numbers and dates to see which task is pushing the successor tasks. This is very cumbersome in large schedules, and is something MS Project and Primavera P6 users call out as an advantage to use their software vs Smartsheet. It is embarrassing in team or management meetings to fiddle around with trying to find out why dates are what they are, when otherwise Smartsheet is such a powerful tool with this basic functionality missing.

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