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Timesheet approval workflow includes any team member assigning hours

I understand, through trail and error and confirmation from your technical team, that the approval workflow process will only list team members under a project if they had initially been assigned to work on that project.

Being a dynamic business, we find that new team members might be called on to work on a project that they have not been assigned to. They will submit the appropriate hours but these will not show up for the project owner in the project owner's approval workflow until someone has gone back to assign these team members. The only way for the project owners to ensure they are not missing hours assigned to their project is to run an analytics report for each project number against all team members - an extra step and completely outside the approval workflow.

I would like to propose that any team members' hours will show up in the project owner's workflow whether they were initially assigned to the project or not. This still allows the project owner to perform the check pre-approval, but also ensures that they do no miss hours that should be on their job.

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