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Smartsheet Backup and Recovery



  • George.V

    Multiple sheets depend on each other for reporting, and something broke. I can use the activity log, but I am still missing something between several sheets and cannot restore my report. If you have a revert or restore option on any sheet, I could keep clicking restore to the previous version until the mistake is found. This is too advanced of a tool not to have a simple feature like this. Please and thank you.

  • roconnellTFS

    Smartsheet is not a viable option for data management in regulated spaces until:

    1. Backups are more easily automated (Can't you just make a Data Shuttle checkbox to prevent replacement of previous exports instead of the old export being deleted every time?)

    2. Exports that include attachments automatically reconcile attachments to the rows they're associated with instead of just dumping them in another folder (we are manually reconciling dozens of attachments every month by renaming them to add the row number)

    These aren't just quality of life requests. They are making me hesitate before recommending this platform to other teams as a solution because these flaws create unnecessary compliance risks.

  • Aron

    Full, REAL backup (of formulas, automations, alerts, forms, reports, formatting, conditional formating) is essenital. Those features are what differentiates Smartsheet from Excel, yet Smartsheet does not provide anyway to backup them up!

  • swestmoreland

    We would like to be able to go to activity and where you can "request snapshot" instead revert back to the version prior to that change. We have a sheet with thousands of row of data (with links to other reports/sheets/etc…, along with attachments, conditional formatting, formulas, etc.).

    If something or someone goes in and messes with it (accidentally or maliciously) it would be nice to be able to revert back to old versions of the document utilizing sheet activity history.

  • EMG
    EMG ✭✭

    I would love this feature as well. With all data being changed all the time. This would be very helpful

  • JAmirali

    There NEEDS to be an option to restore a sheet to it's previous version. This must include all formulas and be an actual Smartsheet, not an export Excel sheet with limited information.