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Smartsheet Backup and Recovery

We would like Smartsheet to provide a mechanism to do a full backup and restore of related files. While a step in the right direction is the ability to restore to a previous version of a sheet, we find that in an integrated environment, this would not be sufficient:

We have a single worksheet that drives multiple reports and dashboards.

We have also created many dynamic views that are embedded in dashboards.

Finally we have deployed these to users through Workapps.

In the event of a problem in the source sheet, receiving an excel backup (or saving the sheet with a new name at a point in time) is not a sufficient backup, as the integration to reports, dashboards, dynamic views, and work apps would all need to be reconnected.

We hope Smartsheet can create backups of the environment and allow users to select which items to recover from a point in time backup (e.g. Daily). Ideally users could select which items to restore to ensure integration and links from that point in time were respected (at least within a given workspace).

Thanks for considering this request.

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  • Agreed! This would be huge and is a major shortcoming. Our sheets use automations, drive reports, dashboards, work apps etc.

    Only offering to zip the sheets is not a robust enough back up.

  • Agreed! We are just starting out with Smartsheet as a business, we are looking to develop more of our internal forms etc in the system but the lack of an automated daily backup is making us think twice about the system. I have read the help guides and can see the 3rd party option, but this really feels like it should be a fundamental part of the system rather than a paid add on.

  • Agreed! This is a huge oversight on Smartsheets part. Being able to restore to previous versions or locking attachments/comments etc is fundamental.