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Visual indication of child rows when mouse hovers over the +/- icon of a parent task

Don Young
Don Young ✭✭✭✭

Use case in mind: Working within a complex project plan containing lots of hierarchy. (Possibly with outdated and messy content...not all of us PM's are perfect =/) Having to open and close parent tasks often as you build out or make large structural updates to a plan. Opening and closing a parent task can be a bit disorienting in this scenario. I've found myself having to stop constantly to ask myself, "wait, what was included in that parent task?" Then close and open the task to figure it out.

Proposed trigger: mouse is over the expand/contract button of an expanded parent task

Proposed result: visual indication of corresponding child tasks (ex. when you drag a parent task, it does something like this that is super helpful. I'd love to see the same thing when I hover over the collapse button.) = Accessibility improvement?

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