Manage and view all Data Shuttle workflows in your org with plan-level Data Shuttle administration

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Hi Community, 

Licensed System Admins will now have the ability to view and manage all Data Shuttle workflows in their organization.

Licensed Smartsheet System Admins will be able to:

  • See a list of all workflows created within their organization 
  • View configuration details
  • Pause any workflow that may be failing or no longer needed 
  • Archive any workflow
  • View the activity log of any workflow

They will not be able to edit Data Shuttle workflows except for workflows that they are owners of and will not have access to the source or target sheets used in the workflows unless separately shared. Note that only licensed System Admins will be able to pause and unpause workflows. 

You can learn more about managing Data Shuttle workflows in the Manage Data Shuttle workflows help article

Data Shuttle is available for licensed users on the Business plan, Enterprise plan, and/or Advance Silver/Gold/Platinum users. Find out more about Data Shuttle here.

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