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Use of sheet summary fields (or formulas) in automation


It would be great to be able to include calculated values and/or sheet summary fields within automation. In general, the point is including global conditions in the automation criteria.

An example is an employee calendar with daily alerts as to who is out of the office. When people are out for a range crossing a non-working day, I'd like to suppress the alert without adding a "today" column to the sheet and populating it.

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  • Rebecca Parker1

    I have another example - I have a checklist for employee onboarding, where the 'responsible' column sometimes needs to be the new employee, and sometimes that person's manager. I'd like to be able to use the sheet summary area to store the employee name and the manager name, and then use an automation to populate the 'responsible' field on the appropriate rows (I'm identifying those with a 'who does it' column with value of 'manager' or 'employee'), when the sheet is saved and the summary fields have been updated.

  • John Stonebraker

    Good idea Rebecca - that expands the request into being able to reference summary fields in any formula - automation or sheet.