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How to Add an Interactive Map to Your Smartsheet Dashboard

The Challenge

One of my Smartsheet consulting clients recently asked how we might be able to accomplish this.

They have projects at multiple locations across the US and wanted to see them on an overall dashboard.

The requirements:

  • Display all locations on a single map and dashboard
  • Link those locations on the map to their individual project sheets in Smartsheet
  • Display custom information on the map related to the locations

The Considerations

Solution must be inexpensive.

Solution does not need to auto update locations since locations do not change often

Must be easy to implement. No javascript/coding.

The Solution

  1. Pull all current project addresses into a single report/sheet.
  2. Upload to Google Sheets.
  3. Import into
  4. Share map and embed on Dashboard.

Step By Step Details

For detail on how to get this setup on your dashboard, watch the video below.

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