SS Automations not working, not sending email notifications due to not working.

The automation I've created to provide my team with notifications of when their contractors submit responses is not working. The automation used to provide email notifications to each contract monitor but now they are not receiving anything. In addition, when the contractors submit their responses, they don't receive a confirmation email, and the monitor doesn't know they even submitted it without contacting their contractors or going into SS to see the sheet.

Here are 2 examples of how the automations are set up.

Example A:

Example B

Please let me know how I can modify this info in order for my team to receive their notifications. With the included field, the team can be provided an overview of the form their contractors submitted. Then either approve or deny. And the contracts receive a notification that their information has been received and either approved or denied, but they are no longer receiving these pertinent notifications.


  • Brian_Richardson
    Brian_Richardson Overachievers

    They look ok to me... it's probably the automation restriction settings. Are the approvers shared to the sheet? They don't have to be, but the automation restriction will prevent the automation from sending emails to people who aren't shared to the sheet, unless you explicitly change it.

    Open the automation menu and then click the gear icon to change the setting from Restricted to Unrestricted.




  • Thanks, Brian, I just checked and our organization has been transferring important emails to spam so now that problem is resolved. But I will check restrictions. I also have another issue related to notifications, so I will make another post.