Drop-Down List on Smartsheet Dashboard


Can you create a widget where you have table with a drop-down list... so for example If I select a name with should count how many "Not Started". "In-Progress", "Under Review", "Complete"

What do I need to do to create this?? I am struggling and YouTube videos are not that helpful!


  • Austin Smith
    Austin Smith ✭✭✭✭✭


    Assuming you're talking about a widget on a Smartsheet dashboard, you can create a report widget that reflects something close to what you're showing, but the widget won't be interactive. The best you can do there is to let it take you to source report and edit there.

    If you're asking what formula to put in the ? cells:

    =countif(reference range, "Not Started") and a similar formula for each status.

    If it's a multi-select dropdown, you'll have to use CONTAINS or HAS functions, and there's plenty of info out there on how to write those out.