How can I set paragraph line spacing in Document Builder?


I have a series of documents that I have mapped in Document Builder. I need to have the end result with a set line spacing to match the rest of the text from the PDF. I cannot find this setting.

I know that I could hard code in the line breaks in the formula, but my issue is that the values in the formula are of variable length and I cannot predict where the line breaks will be.

I have the PDF set to have the form field with double spaced text, but Smartsheet seems to remove it when it populates the field.

What am I missing?


  • Ward.Hively
    Ward.Hively ✭✭✭✭

    Hi FancyPants!

    Document builder can be frustrating at times but so rewarding when you truly get it right. In the past, I have learned to avoid specific formatting for this specific reason.

    One suggestion I have is to edit the properties within the PDF editor itself. I like to use Adobe Acrobat Pro, grid lines on and snap to grid. When I prepare the form, I do my best to ensure that I right click each field and verify the properties match my specific requirements.

    Remember, document mapping is only a fancy way of Smartsheet entering the data into the document for you. The properties of the document are saved into the file themselves by the PDF editor you have chosen.

    While I don’t guarantee that double spacing may be a text format option in your PDF builder, it certainly could be.

    One example of this is:

    Multi Line vs Single Line in the PDF editor. Without selecting multi line, big text blocks will not show up on the page.

    Without specifics to your question, speculating further is difficult.

    Hopefully this helps, good luck!

    Warm regards,

    Ward Hively

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