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Multiple Owners to add users to Smartsheet Groups

Marc Shecter
Marc Shecter ✭✭✭✭✭

Problem: Currently, only one person, the owner of a Smartsheet Group, can add people to a group. This causes a delay for users seeking permissions to workspaces, sheets, etc.

The owner must remember to switch ownership to another person if they are going to be out of the office. Otherwise, users can't be added to the group in the owner's absence. In the case of a planned vacation, the owner may remember to switch ownership. In the case of illness or unexpected absence from work, the owner will likely not remember to make this change.

Solution: We need to remove the need for relying on human memory to make this change. Enhance Group management so that there are Owner and Admin roles. These Admins will have the ability to add and remove people from Groups but will not be able to delete, rename, or change the description of the groups.

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