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Limiting Search Bar Options

MichaelTCA ✭✭✭✭✭✭


As procedures are developed into Smartsheet's user interface, a lot of "inflation" within the search bar results keep growing as well. Being able to select a default workspace or folder to start the search would be very beneficial by keeping the company moving in the direction they need to go instead of looking at everything that has the text being searched for.

There was an update released that allowed for more flexibility to the search bar, which was helpful, but it still shows a lot of excess results.

By being able to manually choose the default search location and manipulate search options, by restricting users to only reports, or only sheets, or specific workspaces, would be very beneficial.

We use groups to manage the permissions of employees within each department. We could integrate this feature into settings for System Admins and designate which locations each department will be searching.

Currently, the only way to remove search options would be to un-share specific locations or workspaces, but that won't work nominally when employees are within groups and not individuals.

Being able to customize search results by limiting the results to only the locations desired would be great for both groups and individuals.

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