INDEX/MATCH to fix #NO MATCH Errors, when row does not exist


Okay, first, thanks so much for reviewing my question, and posting your potential answer. I really appreciate it! Now I am rather prod of myself, until I got stuck that I was able to create what my boss wanted. There are 2 departments that use this sheet: Transformations and Management. Now when it comes to the 1st phase, Plan / Develop - Start, this is a phase ONLY used by Transformations, not Management. On the main sheet I link to with my formula, on the management Releases, this phase does not even display. I would like help re-writing my existing formula to factor this in. Below is the formula for the QWCH Number Column. I know some type of IF statement must be done, but I am unsure, as that row does not exist on Management projects. Below is also a screenshot. And obviously this "#No Match" error goes all the way across the row,.

=INDEX({QCH Number}, MATCH([Unique ID (Helper)]@row, {Unique ID}, 0))

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