Getting list of archived projects from Resource Management

Neil Egsgard
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Here is how you can currently get a list of archived projects from Resource Management. This solution does not explore Bridge or integrations using API.

  1. Resource Management does not allow you to export the archive status or archive date of a project
    1. This should be fixed.
    2. This could be possible this is possible through Bridge or integration.
  2. You can see a list of archived projects using the Project Portfolio
    2. Set “Project State” to “Archived”
    3. There is no good way to export this data. Copy and paste into excel puts each value on a row so additional work is required to make the paste useful.
  3. You can export a list of Projects with “Project State” = “Active”
    2. Click “Export project list”
  4. You can identify if a project is archived using that export with the following method.
    1. Overview
      1. Checks if project is on the most recent Project List export and, if not, marks it as archived.
    2. Create a Smartsheet grid sheet to receive the Project List
      1. Include all fields from the Project List export.
      2. Include “Modified” and “Modified by” fields.
      3. Add these two fields.
        1. “Last updated by Data Shuttle”
          1. Date field
          2. Records date record was modified by Data Shuttle
        2. “Archived”
          1. Indicates whether record is an Archived project
    3. Data Shuttle – Load Project List into Smartsheet
      1. Create a Data Shuttle that loads the Project List into Smartsheet grid above
      2. Data Shuttle must be owned by a user that only adjusts sheets through data meshes, or data shuttles.
    4. Create an automation on the Smartsheet grid above
      1. Automation updates the “Last updated by Data Shuttle” field if:
        1. Last modified user = User that owns the Data Shuttle from above
    5. Put the following formula into the “Archived” field
      1. =IF([Last updated by Data Shuttle]@row <> MAX(COLLECT([Last updated by Data Shuttle]:[Last updated by Data Shuttle], [Last updated by Data Shuttle]:[Last updated by Data Shuttle], <>"")), "Archived", "No")


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