DocuSign Integration Errors

KVKarius ✭✭
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I had no issues with generating a Docusign document with 4 signers until the last time I updated my Smartsheet app. Now my main sheet has no issue with sending out a document until I try to add more than 2 signers. I get the top error shown below.

I had the idea of saving the document as a draft and sending out manually but now I got this bottom error. Supe role is my third signer in DocuSign.

Anyone know what's going on?



  • Jason Albrecht
    Jason Albrecht ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @KVKarius

    I've had a similar issue before. I found that by checking the 'Assign roles' and re-mapping them seemed to work. I also found that if I changed a column to be a 'Contact' column, I only needed that column assigned, as it has both the person's name and email address.

    Here's how I checked.

    Right-click on row / choose Generate Documents / locate and edit (pencil) desired document.

    Once the mappings window appears, I choose 'Settings' and then clicked 'Assign roles' to check and remap the roles. I finished off by saving, exiting, and refreshing the sheet before testing the process.

    One other issue I found was that a "space" had been entered at the end of the column name, which didn't match up with the {{}} code in DocuSign. I made sure to basically copy and paste the text, to ensure uniformity.

    Let us know if any these ideas work for you.

    Hope this helps and that you have a great day,


  • KVKarius
    KVKarius ✭✭
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    @Jason Albrecht

    Thanks for the tip but my roles are actually set in DocuSign. So I don't think there is any re-mapping I can do for the Assign Roles section.

    I've been told this DocuSign integration is solely owned by Smartsheet.

  • Jason Albrecht
    Jason Albrecht ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Just to be clear; my original reply was also talking about steps within Smartsheet.

    Here's a screenshot of steps, if it helps at all?

    In the circled dropdown sections, I basically cleared and remapped to the same columns before saving.

    Kind regards,

    Hope this helps and that you have a great day,