Cannot Edit Contact Name

hello, I have a sheet in which I am the owner and I have a person whose email address is only appearing in the dropdown. Normally, I would edit via the pencil, but in this instance the name field is greyed out. I've not encounted this before. Any ideas on how to change this?


  • Sandra Guzman
    Sandra Guzman ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hello @BFuller,

    I actually tested this out myself and you are correct - you cannot edit the name because the name field is greyed out.

    So I double clicked on the contact column and selected the pencil next to the email address which opened up the same Edit Contact window you have displayed above. I can edit the e-mail address fine but not the name. It may be because there was no name initially added when the contact was added. I don't actually recall the expected behavior for this but there is a solution for you to get around this.

    You will need to basically go to the contact column and then add the contacts name in the search window. Click to 'add to list' (see image below) From the contact list you can go to the name you just entered then click on the pencil icon to open the 'Edit Contact' pop up window. There you can add the email address. Click 'Save' and you will see the e-mail added. Then go back to the contact list and delete the entry with just the email address. You will want to update the contact cells that had just the email and replace it with the updated contact you created with both the name and email.

    All the best,

    🌻 Sandra

  • I am having the same issue, and have not seen this behavior before. Perhaps a new bug?

  • I am having the same issue.

  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @BFuller, @Eitan Kaplan and @Amanda Saccuzzo

    You can edit a Contacts name by going into "My Smartsheet Contacts" and updating their name there.

    You can also add a sort of "nickname" to that contact in the sheet itself by editing the value directly in the cell (versus from the Column Properties).

    Note that this name won't appear in other sheets, it will be sheet-specific. If you want to update the contact name across your personal account, that's where you'll need to go into "My Smartsheet Contacts".

    Otherwise, the name that appears is what that user has filled out in their personal settings, @Sandra Guzman is correct!