Copy row with no hierarchy on one sheet and make it a child on another.

Eitan ✭✭
edited 05/27/23 in Smartsheet Basics

I have a been working on building a asset inspection tracking workspace. I currently have 4 sheets built for it. The first, Asset Master List, has all of the assets and information about the asset built into it. This sheet was built from an Excel Import. The second sheet, Inspection Form, has all of the form responses for the inspections. The third, Inspection Test # Master List, has a list of all the inspection test#, 2332 rows, from before we started using Smartsheet. The fourth page, Inspection Archive, is the one I'm having issues building. On this page it is going to be an archive of all the inspections including the ones from before we started utilizing smart sheets.

Now that you know how things are set up here is what I'm having trouble figuring out. I already have all the Asset #s, over 600, on this sheet as well as the columns headers from the Inspection Form Sheet. I want to be able to have new rows, including the generated document, from Inspection Forms copy over to Inspection Archive as children of the Asset #. Additionally I want to copy the inspections from before Smartsheet utilization as a child to the Asset # as well.

All rows on all documents have a Asset # column. On Asset Master List, Inspection Archive, and Inspection Test # Master List it is the primary column. On Inspection Form, the primary column is the Test#. Asset # are 7 digit Alpha Numeric ( C012410). The Test #s are the Asset# 2 digit month - 2 digit Year ( 03-01-2021).

I have Data Mesh, Data Shuttle, Dynamic View, Pivot, Calendar and Work Apps.

I really appreciate anyone's help.