How to reinitiate approval cycle after the proposal is declined ?

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We have a workflow whereby we send a proposal with estimated cost and delivery date to our customer which he will be presented whirch two options (approve/decline) .If its approved then we can start the work fine, however if it is declined we would idealy like it to come back to us with the reasons for rejection and maybe if possible link it to the previous flow where we issue the quotation ?

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  • Deric
    Deric ✭✭✭✭✭

    You can create an update reqeust that triggers when the customer declines and gets sent back to the customer who declined the request. Then they can input thier reasons based with drop-downs, text fields, and comments. Use the update reqeust workflow to clear the original approval request trigger. The process should continue to work the same for submitting the request for approval again - creating a loop.

    The main hurdle in creating this loop is that you need to have a user change a field in order to reset the loop. If the customer submits the update reqeust without making changes then the loop is broken and you have to manually resend the update request or have a workflow that resends reminder update requests at regular intervals.

    This process is not the most simple, so I'm hoping that someone else comments with a better way to do this.