Fast status updates based on parent cell


I would like to make our status updates faster by utilizing the parent/child cell(s).

If the user changes the status in the parent cell (dark grey line) to "Completed" then the child and grandchild cells would change to completed.

If the user marks the child cell as one of the following statuses then the grandchild rows would reflect then same status, but users can change the grandchild status manually.

Example: =IF([Parent]4 = "Completed", "Completed", IF([Parent]4 = "Backlog", "Backlog", IF([Parent]4 = "Blocked", "Blocked", IF([Parent]4 = "In Progress", "In Progress", IF[Parent]4 = "", ??? ))))

If parent cell is blank then do nothing ... meaning use what is manually selected on the cell

** Note: We report based on the grandchild task. But as I said I want users to be able to change the status easily.

** Parent Row is dark grey, child is light grey and grandchild is white. **


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